My Labor Day!

Elmina, Me, Sunny Anderson, Carolyn, Rossella & Giorgio (from left to right)

This afternoon, I took a ride with my wife, Elmina, Giorgio and Carolyn to Rutherford’s Labor Day Street Fair.  I couldn’t believe how crowded the event was.  They were expecting close to 25,000 people to attend.  My good pal Johnny Meatballs was roaming the fair handing out his outrageous meatballs.  He was also filming as he went along for his Cugine Corner blog.  He filmed a segment with Giorgio to talk about Sotto Zero‘s gelato.  He also filmed a segment with me to talk a bit about food and about my blog.

The Aetna Healthy Food Fight was also taking part in the Fair.  This is a countrywide recipe contest to get people to start cooking healthy.  There are regional competitions throughout the country.  A friend of “Ciao Down”, Rossella Rago of “Cooking with Nonna” was one of the judges, along with the Food Network’s Sunny Anderson.  We talked to Rossella and Sunny for a bit before we went off the explore the rest of the fair. 

There were many antique, craft and food vendors that lined both sides of Park Avenue.  Before leaving, we stopped at the Sarra Extra Virgin Olive Oil stand.  Ciro is the man behind Sarra.  He has a farm in Salerno that produces his olive oil.  We sampled some of his oil, and I have to say I was impressed.  This oil would be perfect for dipping in bread, drizzling over a salad or anointing a dish (perhaps a steak or a pasta).  It was so good, I picked myself up a bottle.  I am excited to use it one night this week.

Ciro & Me

As we were heading back to the car, we stopped at Sweet Avenue Bake Shop (153 Park Avenue…Cash only) for a few cupcakes.  The cupcakes are vegan, which means they are egg and dairy free. 

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

We picked up a S’mores and Sexy Sadie (similar to Red Velvet).  It’s amazing how moist a cupcake can be without the use of butter and eggs!  For more about cupcakes and my recent Red Velvet Cupcake Taste Test, you can search my archives or just click here



Sexy Sadie
This evening after the fair, we decided to head to our go-to pizza spot Ah’Pizz in Montclair.  Our friend Joseph Formoso recently graduated from the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Pizzaiolo Course in Marina Del Rey, California.  We sampled Joseph’s pizze for the first time since he “graduated”. 
Joe making pizza
His smoked salmon, arugula and balsamic glazed pizza was off the hook! We also enjoyed his special surf & turf pizza (anchovies & sopressata), as well.  Joe has the heart and the knowledege to succeed.  And with practice and a little bit of refinement, he will definitely have a future as a master pizzaiolo. 
Smoked Salmon, Arugula & Balsamic Glazed Pizza
Surf & Turf Pizza (Sopressata & Anchovy Pizza)
We finished our Labor Day with a walk up Bloomfield Avenue to Church Street where we visited the newest gelateria in town, Gelato Giuliana.  I had the amaretto.  It was pretty good.  It definitely had a nice amaretto taste.  However, it reminded me more of ice cream not gelato. Either way, it was a nice ending to a great day with great friends.  Enjoy!
Living to eat,
Tony Mangia 

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