Lunch at Greek Island Grill in Hackensack

Greek Island Grill
77 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 489-4733

This afternoon, I posted on my Facebook status that I was looking for a place to go for lunch.  After a matter of minutes, my BlackBerry dinged with a FaceBook message.  It was from a friend of mine who said to check out Greek Island Grill on Main Street in Hackensack.  So I headed there immediately.  I arrived shortly after 2 pm, and found parking on the street.  I put a few quarters in the meter and walked across the street to the restaurant.  (Note: They do have limited parking behind the building, but it’s a tight fit for even the most compact of cars.) 

Greek Island Grill wasn’t bad overall.  The saganaki was very good.  It was nice & lemony.  The presentation was cool.  It came to the table flaming.  The only problem with that was that all of the alcohol did not burn off, making some parts of the cheese taste too alcoholic. 


I ordered the bifteki for my lunch.  Bifteki resemble little Greek beef sliders.  They were really flavorful and grilled perfectly.  The Greek fries were just okay.  They were frozen, thick cut fries.  They were way under seasoned.  I definitely wouldn’t order them the next time.  I would probably go with the rice.  

Bifteki Platter with Greek Fries, Pita & Tzatziki

Bifteki (Similar to Sliders)

The Greek salad was average.  There was too much dried oregano on it. 

Greek Salad

Other than that, it was a good lunch.  And I must say the service was superb.  As I was driving down Main Street, I was impressed with the plethora of ethnic restaurants that lined both sides of the street.  I can’t wait to get back down there. A few interesting places I want to try are Sayat Nova, Thai Street Food Restaurant & Pollo Mario to name but a few.  Enjoy!

Living to eat,
Tony Mangia


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