Stay tuned, Ladies & Gents!

My first full week of the Fall Semester is in the books.  My favorite class is definitely Quantity Food Production and Service.  This class focuses on running an on-campus cafeteria that is open to the public.  Throughout the semester, the students take turns being the manager of the cafeteria.  We come up with our own personalized menus that will be prepared and served to the customers.  This is a great class for hands on experience.  My day as manager is Wednesday, October 13.  My menu celebrates Italian-American Heritage Month (October) with a Neapolitan style menu.  For more information on my menu you can check my Facebook page or click here

There are lots of other good things going on in school and out. I have some great things in the works, including starting a Culinary Arts Club on campus, numerous chef interviews and some videos. I’m moving and shaking like it’s my job. Well, I guess it is my job, even though I don’t get paid for it. I’ve been a little behind in updating the blog, but bear with me. Enjoy!

Living to eat,
Tony Mangia


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