A Facebook status update on the word “CHEF” that turned into a brief blog

Preface: This blog started out as a brief Facebook status update, but turned into a 318 word essay!  Enjoy!

Why is it that the term “CHEF” is being used way too often nowadays?  To become a chef, you need years of training and cooking on the line in a restaurant.  Anyone can put on a chef’s coat, but only the ones who’ve worked in the trenches should have the distinction of being called “CHEF”!  In fact I think that a chef’s jacket should technically be called a cook’s jacket. 

As I’m sure you know by now, I love to cook & being in the kitchen, but that in no way, shape or form makes me a chef.  I am a COOK & a proud one at that.  I would love to be given the opportunity to work on the line at a restaurant and have the experience documented to show how hard a job it really is.

Cooking shows and realty food shows do little justice to this noble and artistic craft.  So just because you have a TV show or a product line or a magazine doesn’t make you a “CHEF”!  I would love to see some of these so-called “CHEFS” work the hot line on a busy Saturday night!  How long do you think they’ll last?  You might think I’m going off on a crazy tirade, but I love food and the art of cookery.  I don’t like to see it simplified down to the point that the Celebrity “CHEF” is telling you to go out a by a pre-made/cooked product to use in a recipe.  That’s the lazy way out & takes the joy out of cooking. 

I’m not condemning these shows, so much as trying to enlighten you all to the facts.  Remember you, as the viewing public, make or break a celebrity, whether a “CHEF” or a Hollywood superstar.  My advice to you would be to watch these shows responsibly and your voice will be heard loud and clear.  Thanks for reading!

Living to eat,
Tony Mangia


One thought on “A Facebook status update on the word “CHEF” that turned into a brief blog

  1. Good article. You are so right about the overuse and abuse of the term “chef”; it would probably be a wise thing for shows to somehow fit in descriptions of the differences between chefs and cooks. Not everyone is familiar with the protocol or the extreme hard work & dedication that goes into earning the rank; 30 minutes or an hour is not enough time to do justice to the profession.

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