Breaking Food News: Tony Boloney’s Pizza slated to open in Hoboken

Tony Boloney's to open a location in Hoboken

Tony Boloney’s to open a location in Hoboken

According to Facebook, Mike Hauke, the man behind Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria in Atlantic City, will be opening a new location in Hoboken, NJ at 263 First Street.  No details are available yet as to when the opening will be.  Mike created a destination pizzeria located at 300 Oriental Avenue  just off the boardwalk in Atlantic City.  People come from all over to sample his pizzas, sandwiches and housemade mozzarella.

Be sure to like both of Tony Boloney’s Facebook pages for more information:

Living to eat,
Tony Mangia


Celebrating Pasta Maestro Giovanni Rana’s 75th Birthday at his Chelsea Market Restaurant

Elmina & I with Giovanni Rana

Elmina & I with Giovanni Rana

Last week, I won a contest for myself and a guest to have a champagne toast and dinner at Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina located inside Chelsea Market in NYC.  The occasion was to celebrate the 75th birthday of founder and fresh pasta maestro, Giovanni Rana.  The contest entailed answering three questions about Signore Rana’s life.  The questions and answers were as follows:

1) What year was Giovanni Rana born?
2) Where was he born?
Cologna Veneta
3) What is the name of the motorbike he used for his first deliveries?
Moto Guzzi

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Chef Michael White to open an outpost of his Nicoletta Pizzeria in Bernardsville, NJ


Michael White’s Nicoletta is coming to Bernardsville, NJ

An outpost of Chef Michael White’s popular Lower East Side pizzeria Nicoletta is slated to open in Bernardsville, New Jersey later this year or early next. The future pizzeria will be located in a storefront next to White’s wildly popular outpost of his Osteria Morini in a small strip mall on Morristown Road. The mall also houses a CVS, Dairy Queen, and dry cleaners. On a recent visit to dine at Osteria Morini this weekend, I was surprised and delighted to read the sign of Nicoletta’s growing reach. It’s great to be able to have a taste of New York City right in our backyards here in the New Jersey suburbs. If the popularity of Osteria Morini is any indication, then I know for certain Nicoletta will be a tough reservation to come by. So keep your eyes open for more updates on Nicoletta and its opening.

Practicing Pizza Making with Pasta?! You heard correct!

A practice pizza!?  I’ve never heard of such a thing until this afternoon when I was at A Mano in Ridgewood.  Roberto Caporuscio, master pizzaiolo, instructor and owner of NYC’s Keste’ Pizza & Vino makes his pizzaioli-in-training practice making pizze with pasta instead of cheese. It’s cheaper than cheese, but interestingly has the same feel and weight. This is info you only learn from a master pizzaiolo like Roberto! Enjoy!

Living to eat,
Tony Mangia

Making Pane e Panelle with Alessio at Bella Cucina Italian Deli

Alessio’s Pane e Panelle

I recently visited Bella Cucina Gourmet Italian Deli in Lake Hiawatha, NJ.  The proprietors are great friends of mine, Alessio & Lauren Troia.  Alessio is a native Palermitano, meaning he’s from Palermo, Sicily.  One of his specialties are a Sicilian street food called pane e panelle, which are deep-fried chickpea fritters served on a sesame seed roll with salt and lemon.  I decided to record Alessio as he prepared the pane e panelle.  Enjoy!

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My visit to Ah’Pizz in Montclair, NJ

The other day, I was in the mood for pizza so I decided to visit my friends at Ah’Pizz, a Neapolitan style pizzeria, in Montclair, NJ.  Ah’Pizz is VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) certified, which means they are striving to make authentic pizza the way it’s made back in Napoli.  The centerpiece at Ah’Pizz is their Stefano Ferrara, wood-fired oven (they use no gas) that cooks a pizza in about 90 seconds time. 

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